Autologue Design showcases Jawa Scrambler 42

Autologue Design showcases Jawa Scrambler 42

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Pune-based Autologue Design has showcased their new creation, a scrambler based on the Jawa 42, on the occasion of International Jawa Day. Called the Scrambler 42, the custom bike draws inspiration from Jawa CZ trials motorcycle from yesteryears. This highly detailed motorcycle gets a lot of bespoke parts and looks geared up for competition.

  • The Scrambler 42 was showcased on the occasion of International Jawa Day.
  • This custom scrambler is based on the new Jawa 42.
  • It gets twin high set exhausts, raised handlebars, dual-purpose tyres and an LED headlamp.

The first thing that catches your eye is the bright red and yellow paint job. There are a lot of intricate details on the bike. For instance, the stainless steel headlamp plate has been created via a waterjet cutting machine. For illumination, the headlamp seems like lifted off a pair of auxiliary LED lamps. We love the cover for the single pod instrument console that has been finished in bright yellow. The fuel tank gets stainless steel badges and side rubber pads to lock your knees while riding standing up. On the side, the panels have been modified to accommodate the high mounted exhaust and feature competition numbers. Other than the flat seat, it also gets modified front and rear fenders.

The motor has a black finished look now and features twin, high mounted exhausts on either side. To achieve this, the exhaust headers have been modified. To save the rider's legs from exhaust heat, it gets custom made waterjet-cut exhaust heat shields. The chain cover is an open aluminium unit.

The bike also features a raised handlebar with handlebar brace and custom levers. To make it more capable off-road, it gets dual-purpose tyres as well. The spoked wheel rims and front disc, rear drum setup have been carried over from the original Jawa as well.

With the Jawas garnering a lot of bookings, this is one way to ensure your Jawa stands out. While this is a one-off machine, Autololgue will build you one if you ask nicely.