Himalayan goes flat tracking at Rider Mania 2019

Himalayan goes flat tracking at Rider Mania 2019

Autologue Design |

These flat trackers were designed by S&S Cycles and built by Autologue Design in Pune

  • There are no engine mods but the bikes feature a special S&S exhaust.
  • 18-inch wire spoke wheels at both ends come wrapped with Timsun tyres.
  • These Himalayan Flat Trackers weigh 12-15kg lesser than the standard bike.

Royal Enfield seems to be super pumped about flat track racing. The Chennai-based manufacturer first showcased the Twins FT custom bike built by its technological partner -- Harris Performance -- at EICMA 2019. Similarly, at this year’s Rider Mania, Enfield rolled out five flat track-ready Himalayans as it prepares to start a flat track school in India. Interestingly, these Himalayans have been designed by S&S Cycles while the kits themselves were built by Pune’s Autologue Design.

The kits bolt on to the stock Himalayan and are made from fibre-reinforced plastic with the seat made out of foam. The non-essential bits for flat tracking, such as the headlight, turn indicators, mirrors and the front brake assembly, have been dropped. Yup, no front brakes!

Another key change made to the Himalayan are the wheels. Instead of the 21-/17-inch wire spoke rims on the standard bike, the flat track Himalayan gets 18-inch spoke rims from the Interceptor 650 at both ends. 18-inch wheels on flat track machines are common and so are chunky dirt rubber at both ends, which on this bike is provided by Timsun.

The engine unit is bone stock but it gets a special S&S end-can for which Autologue had to design special stainless steel headers. The engine is also kitted with a K&N air filter. In order to break traction and slide around that much more easily, the flat track Himalayans get larger rear sprockets (+2 teeth more than the stock sprocket).

Credits: ZigWheels
It took Autologue 45 days to build the five bikes for Rider Mania 2019 with more to be made soon. Currently, the kits are a marketing exercise with one of them being shipped to Australia. While the likelihood of these units being sold by Enfield is quite low, you can have a go on the flat tracking Himalayans soon as Enfield is starting out its flat track school. The school will be taken across India, the first of which will take place at Big Rock Dirtpark in Bangalore. Stay tuned for more details.