Jawa Scrambler built at a cost of Rs. 1.5 lakh by Autologue Design

Jawa Scrambler built at a cost of Rs. 1.5 lakh by Autologue Design

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It was exciting times for biking enthusiasts at 17th International Jawa Day held in Bengaluru, as there was plenty to share and see vintage Jawa and Yezdi bikes in action on the racetrack. This edition of International Jawa Day was even more special, as the Jawa brand has been resurrected by Mahindra owned Classic Legends.

Some custom Jawa motorcycles were also showcased at the event and the one that immediately grabbed our attention was Jawa Scrambler 42. Built by Pune based Autologue Design, this customized Jawa celebrates the glory of Jawa motocross bikes of the 1970s.

Scrambler 42 is built using the new Jawa Forty Two that was launched last year along with other Jawa motorcycles. As the name suggests, the custom bike is race-ready and makes a sporty stance with its contrasting shades of red and yellow. These colours are reminiscent of the iconic Jawa motocross bikes of the past. While the core of Jawa Forty Two has been retained, exteriors have been completely revamped to give the motorcycle a snazzy profile.

One of the key changes is the side-swept dual scrambler-style exhausts, which prepare the bike to take on rough terrain. To accommodate this, some adjustments have been made to the side panels. Another change in the side panels is the prominently displayed number 42 in a combination of white and yellow.

Rear fenders have been removed completely and the front fender is a customized unit designed for off-roading. Fork gaiters have been done in red, which is another signature feature associated with Jawa motocross bikes.

Stock handlebar has been replaced with a raised wide unit that comes with a bracing member for added strength. Most of the levers have also been custom-made to support the pulls and pressures of off-roading. On the same lines, engine gets a metal bash plate for protection against rough surfaces and flying debris. Stock tyres have been replaced with knobby ones, which complete the makeover from Jawa Forty Two to Scrambler 42.

Jawa Scrambler looks irresistible and is certainly drool worthy. However, this is a one-off creation, so you are unlikely to get your hands on this one. The bike was provided by Jawa to Autologue Design for this purpose. It cost about Rs 1.5 lakh for the project. You can only hope for increased demand for Scrambler 42, in which case Autologue Design might start offering this customization in the form of a complete kit. If that happens, price of kit may come down to Rs 50k or less, says Autologue Design.