Check Out This Badass Aero Kit For The Yamaha YZF-R15

Check Out This Badass Aero Kit For The Yamaha YZF-R15

Autologue Design |

I'm pretty sure a lot of you will agree with me when I say that small sportbikes are awesome. Sure, high-performance supersports at the bleeding edge of technology are super cool, and are indeed the stuff dreams are made of. However, there's just something about the approachable nature of a small-capacity sportbike which just invites you to ride it hard, thereby improving your skills in the process. To make things even better, today's crop of entry-level, small-displacement sportbikes, particularly in the Asian market, look sharper and sportier than ever—and can even be mistaken for their 600cc counterparts at a glance. Such is the case with the Yamaha YZF-R15, Team Blue's best-selling small capacity sportbike in Asia. It boasts similar styling as the lean, mean YZF-R1, as well as the new YZF-R7, albeit in a package which is easy to ride, even for motorbike virgins. Apart from making for a great commuter, finding the YZF-R15 on the race track isn't an uncommon occurrence, too, thanks to its sporty nature, making it the perfect tool for first-time track riders to learn the ropes on.

Adding to the R15's appeal, a massive aftermarket has grown for this bike in the Asian market, with countless brands rolling out upgrades and accessories for this baby sportbike. One such company is India-based Autologue Design. Known for their superb quality bolt-on accessories and body kits, the company has recently released an aero kit for the YZF-R15 which is simple yet effective in elevating the bike's overall aesthetic. While, I'm sure this kit is more show than go, it certainly gives the YZF-R15 a very sporty aesthetic. 

Autologue Design is currently offering this kit on a pre-order basis. For a token amount of Rs 2,000, or the equivalent of just $27 USD, you can pre-order this kit, and in 3 to 4 weeks, bolt it onto your shiny sportbike. Of course, you're going to have to pay the remaining amount. As for pricing, Autologue Design offers the kit in two pieces. The first of which are MotoGP-style winglets for a total price of Rs 1,800 or just $25 USD. Secondly, the kit also includes a fuel tank shroud, which gives the bike a bigger, more muscular appearance, for Rs 3,600, or the sum of $50 USD. 

Do note, however, that the pricing of this kit is only for those who make an advance order. When Autologue Design releases this kit for  walk-in installation, the prices will be slightly higher at Rs 2,250 ($31 USD) for the winglets, and Rs 4,500, or $61 USD, for the fuel tank shroud. Apart from the winglets and fuel tank cover, Autologue Design also offers a myriad of other aftermarket upgrades and accessories for the Yamaha YZF-R15. For starters, for Rs 1,750, or just $24 USD, you can get a race-style bubble visor. Tank grips, and a pillion seat cowl are also available for Rs 1,000 ($14 USD) and Rs 2,250 ($31 USD) respectively.