Scrambler 42 Jawa – Autologue Design

Scrambler 42 Jawa

8 Day Custom Project Commissioned by Classic Legends for the International Jawa Day on 14th July 2019.

The bike overall is inspired from the ISDT Jawas used for trials racing. 

List of modifications include:

  1. Free flow Air filter 
  2. Remoulded sidepanels to accommodate new exhaust and plate on the side. 
  3. SS waterjet Headlamp plate with headlamp integrated  isdt jawa inspired 
  4. Removed front suspension cover
  5. Waterjet SS New brackets 
  6. Fork boots 
  7. Custom dirt styled fender inspired from the CZS 
  8. Rear fender custom scrambler style 
  9. Handlebar
  10. Levers
  11. New headers for the shorter Exhaust 
  12. Rear footrest removal 
  13. Next bracket jawa inspired waterjet SS
  14. Jawa inspired waterjet SS Exhaust shield 
  15. Waterjet SS Badges 
  16. Paint job 
  17. Engine detailing
  18. Tyres 
  19. Aluminum custom chaincover 
  20. New seat 
  21. Offset speedo cover 
  22. New headlamp and tail lamp