KTM RCX2 Race Kit for RC 390 by Autologue Design

KTM RCX2 Race Kit for RC 390 by Autologue Design

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KTM RC390 is undoubtedly the first official lightweight race machine of India. The stock version of this racer is good for mind-blowing performance while modified RC390 challenges out of the segment rivals like a boss. This typical RC390 with RCX2 race kit is the creation of Autologue Design.

They have made this kit for riders who wish to extract maximum performance on the track. Sagar Sheldekar has helped Autologue Design in shaping of a machine that is so aerodynamic that every curve on the track feels like an everyday turn. You can both buy the full kit or go part by part for your needs.

The front fascia now comes with a bubble visor, headlamp cover, and mirror-less finish. The removal of a headlight and bigger visor helps lower down the weight and add more space to tuck-in when riding straight. The bolt-on parts are easy to replace and lightweight in comparison to the stock ones.

Not just that, the side fairing has been redesigned, and a shorter belly pan is used here for better corner carving abilities. Riders also get a sleek, lightweight tail section with proper track bike spec backrest. The resulting creature is a no-mercy track bike with lower weight, better aerodynamics, and stock engine configuration.

KTM RC390 is a single cylinder motorcycle with unlimited possibilities for young and aspiring track racers. The Autologue RCX2 kit costs INR 20,000 for pre-orders while those ordering later will need to pay INR 25,000.

They have listed this one as Level 1 kit whereas Level 2 is under development currently. The stock motorcycle costs INR 2.36 lakh and getting such additions for INR 20,000 is far better than going for an ECU remap initially. As all parts are bolt-on, you can change between these anytime when you feel the need.