Jawa Scramble 42 Breaks Cover at Jawa Day in Bangalore

Jawa Scramble 42 Breaks Cover at Jawa Day in Bangalore

Autologue Design |

The custom bike is inspired by the Jawa motocross bikes from the early 1970s

  • As the name suggests, the base motorcycle was the new Jawa Forty Two.
  • Features the same colour scheme as the early CZ racers.
  • The one-off custom build was produced by Pune’s Autologue Design.

For the past 19 years, Jawa enthusiasts around India have been celebrating the joy of riding as well as owning a Jawa motorcycle on the second Sunday of July. With the resurrection of the brand gaining new heights everyday, the 2019’s edition was definitely very special. Classic Legends held its biggest gathering of Jawa owners yet in Bangalore, in which there were a few custom bikes too. One of them was the Scrambler 42, built by Pune’s Autologue Design.
If the name itself did not give it away, the Scrambler 42 is a scrambler built on the Jawa Forty Two. And to say it is anything less than smashing is an understatement. Autologue kept the foundations intact, working its magic with the body panels and ergonomics to suit the genre, and kitted it with a few scrambler-specific parts. Interestingly, the inspiration for the build came from Jawa’s rich motorsport heritage, especially its off-road roots. Thus, the colour scheme of red with a dash of yellow is the same as the Jawa CZ racers of old sported when they ripped the off-road racing scene.

The iconic tank has been left untouched. The side panels look kind of similar to the ones found on the stock Forty Two, but Autologue has had to remodify their shape slightly to accommodate the side-swept dual scrambler-style exhausts. These side panels come bearing the number 42. The front sports a large custom-made off-road fender with the rear fender chopped off to give it that proper scrambler look. To make it as close as possible to the original CZ, Autologue even finished the fork gaiters in red.
The flat drag-style bars have been ditched for a raised wide unit with a bracing member for extra reinforcement. Even the levers have been custom-made and extra protection has been offered to the engine with a metal bash-plate too.

Knobby tyres were a given but the dual scrambler-style exhaust routed at either side is quite interesting. Firstly, the old racers just had a single outlet. Secondly, on the other twin pipe scramblers that we have seen, the exhaust is routed through to just the right side. By going down this method, Autologue has simplified the build process.

This is just a one-off custom. However, if Autologue receives a healthy demand for the Scrambler 42, it is likely that they will make a kit for the bike. Hopefully, the kit should not make you wait longer than what you already have done for your new Jawa Forty Two or the Jawa.