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Bajaj Kit

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Autologue Design

Dominar 250/400 | Xplorer Kit

Rs. 17,280.00

The Dominar Xplorer body-kit is the perfect bolt-on addition to #GOOUTOFSTOCK with your Dominar 250/400 to match your adventure-filled riding goals. #STAYINSPIRED while you HyperRide your way into Xploring new terrains. Compatibility: All models  Inclusions:>Side...

Autologue Design

Avenger | Bruise | Kit

Rs. 12,798.72

 Inspired from the iconic Street 750, the Bruise Kit Transforms your avenger from a cruiser to we like to call a bruiser. Headlamp cover - bolt on fairing for the headlamp  Oil radiator cover-...

Autologue Design

Domivel Kit

Rs. 16,000.00

The DOMIVEL kit for the Dominar is a bolt-on streetfighter-style body kit inspired by bikes like the DIAVEL and VMAX. Inclusions:  > Add on belly inspired from the Diavel  > Shrouds on the tank inspired...

Autologue Design

Domivel 2 Kit

Rs. 17,792.00

Compatibility: Dominar 250/400 Inclusions:> Tank Shrouds> Radiator Cover> Underbelly

Autologue Design


Rs. 6,809.60

Compatibility: > 250 & 400 CC models  > All models    Inclusions : Tank Panels LH + RH

Autologue Design

NS | Xplorer Kit

Rs. 16,960.00

The NS XPLORER kit adds to the adventure styling of the NS and helps keep you #StayInspired to explore new terrains and journeys.   The kit includes:> Visor (smoked or clear)> Belly > Side panels > Fender ...