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Autologue Design

AdventureX | Side Panel Kit

Rs. 16,638.72

The 390 AdventureX. This kit is for the KTM Adventure 390, compatible with all the variants of Adv 390.Designed and developed in Collaboration with REBEL X SPORTS ITALY.The kit is meant to provide a more...

Autologue Design

Apache | RR 310 | Tank Grips

Rs. 1,408.00

Compatibility: It is compatible with Apache RR 310. Inclusion: It contains a set of 4 pieces.

Autologue Design

Apache | RTR 200 | Tank Grips

Rs. 1,536.00

Compatibility: It is compatible with Apache RTR 200. Inclusion: It contains a set of 6 pieces.

Autologue Design

Avenger | Bruise | Kit

Rs. 12,798.72

 Inspired from the iconic Street 750, the Bruise Kit Transforms your avenger from a cruiser to we like to call a bruiser. Headlamp cover - bolt on fairing for the headlamp  Oil radiator cover-...

Autologue Design

Avenger | Headlight Cover

Rs. 3,200.00

The Avenger Bruise headlamp cover is clearly inspired by the Street series intended to give the front a bigger more aggressive look than what came from factory with a round headlamp. Compatibility: It fits all...

Autologue Design

Avenger | Radiator Cover

Rs. 4,480.00

The Avenger Bruise Radiator cover is intended to give added protection to the engine and oil cooler area while adding to the mass at the front for a more "filled up " look . Compatibility:...

Autologue Design

Avenger | Tail Piece

Rs. 5,120.00

The Avenger Bruise tail kit is meant to clean up the tail section and add to the extended long wheelbase look of the avenger. Compatibility: All pre-2020 facelift models Inclusions: Tail panels only 

Autologue Design

Dominar 250/400 | Tail Tidy

Rs. 3,840.00

Clean up the rear end of your Dominar with our Tail tidy kit that holds the tail lamp, indicators, and number plate. Compatibility: All models Inclusions: > Tail tidy panel> Number plate bracket> Bolts Required

Autologue Design

Dominar 250/400 | Tank Shrouds

Rs. 6,809.60

The Domivel tank shrouds are inspired by bikes like the Diavel and the VMAX. With air ducts that also provide airflow towards the engine, the shrouds do more than just look good. Compatibility: All models...

Autologue Design

Dominar 250/400 | Visor

Rs. 2,764.80

The Original Dominar bolt-on visor has grown to be the No1 choice of HYPERRIDERS across the globe. Often imitated, never replicated! Compatibility: All models Inclusions: Visor only

Autologue Design

Dominar 250/400 | Visor/Windshield V4

Rs. 2,240.00

Our third version of the OG Dominar bolt-on visor is more Street than Tourer with a height of 15 inches. Available only in solid black. Compatibility: All models Inclusions: Visor only

Autologue Design

Dominar 250/400 | Xplorer Kit

Rs. 17,280.00

The Dominar Xplorer body-kit is the perfect bolt-on addition to #GOOUTOFSTOCK with your Dominar 250/400 to match your adventure-filled riding goals. #STAYINSPIRED while you HyperRide your way into Xploring new terrains. Compatibility: All models  Inclusions:...