The 'Reck 2' Bolt-on Moto Kit gives your Royal Enfield a retro touchup – Autologue Design
The 'Reck 2' Bolt-on Moto Kit gives your Royal Enfield a retro touchup

We all love our automotive companions, but sometimes, a visual upgrade can bring a dwindling, unenthusiastic connection back to life. If you’ve been feeling a bit disinterested in your relationship with your Royal Enfield, for example, Autologue Design has created a bespoke ‘Reck 2’ Race Kit that’ll put some pep back into her step.

Autologue Design is no stranger to the realm of aftermarket modification; after all, the company has fashioned a healthy collection of body kits, accessories, and custom builds for a number of the industry’s most important proprietors, including KTM, Suzuki, Hero, Bajaj, and Yamaha. Now, a visual upgrade for the Royal Enfield GT 650, dubbed “Reck 2,” has hit the company’s manufacturing line, offering riders a retro, cafe-inspired bolt-on kit that’s decidedly unique. A bolt-on Cafe Racer Fairing complete with a bespoke relocation bracket, a vacuum-formed bubble visor, and full-subframe seat cowl round out the simplistic collection, giving your vintage Enfield a retro presence that’s backed by one of the industry’s most renowned design shops. Head to Autologue’s website to pick up a kit for around $250.