Reck 2: Royal Enfield Cafe Racer Kit

Reck 2: Royal Enfield Cafe Racer Kit

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The Royal Enfield Continental GT 650 is inspired by the original British cafe racer culture of the 1950s and 60s, a modern interpretation of the classic GT 250 of the era. The bike’s heart is a gorgeous 47-hp air/oil-cooled parallel twin engine, with Bosch fuel injection, 270-degree firing order, and 80% of maximum torque available at just 2500 rpm. Says Enfield:
“While the gorgeously sculpted lines…hark back to a golden era of motorcycling, what makes heads turn is the sound of the engine, either at idle or full chat, metering a steady beat, a wonderful over-run burble, or a distinctive power-on rumble…”

That engine has been placed in a frame developed in conjunction with the legendary team at Harris Performance — one of the world’s premier names in motorcycle racing, chassis development, and suspension expertise. With all of this technical development, some owners have wished the bike was available with the retro-modern styling in the vein of the Triumph Thruxton — a modern cafe racer.

Enter the team at Autologue Design, India’s largest custom accessory manufacturer, who decided to create a bolt-on kit for the Royal Enfield Continental GT — especially for the Indian market, where the Royal Enfield is a culture icon, but no such kit was available. They call it “RECK 2,” standing for “Royal Enfield Cafe Kit 2.”

In order to showcase the kit, they decked out their Royal Enfield GT 650 for Royal Enfield Rider Mania, the world’s largest gathering of Royal Enfield motorcycles and enthusiasts, held each year at an open-air venue in Goa. Theirs was one of 20 customs selected for display. Below, we get the full story on Autologue Design, the RECK 2 kit, and their GT 650 cafe racer.

About the Builder…

Autologue design started out in 2013 with an objective of making bolt-on parts and kits and since then have become the go-to name for motorcycle kits and parts in the country. We have over 200 parts and 10 kits for sale at the moment.

In India, motorcycle enthusiasts were deprived of availability of parts and accessories made specifically for their bike and that’s what we have tried to change.

About the Kit…

RECK 2 stands for Royal Enfield cafe kit, 2 because it’s our second attempt at making a bolt-on cafe kit for the Royal Enfield platforms.

The kit was inspired by the Thruxton design-wise, which is great example of retro modern, and we wanted to give the Gt650 owners the option of adding the full-blown cafe racer look — that’s why we created the quarter fairing, which comes with stainless steel lasercut brackets to relocate the stock headlamp or the aftermarket headlamp.

The kit also comes with an additional seat cowl that sits over the original dual seat and uses the entire subframe — unlike the cowl available from Royal Enfield, which looks more complete and also allows you to have a pillion seat whenever needed.

We also developed 3d-printed side panel covers to add some detail to the otherwise simple side panels. Our kits are developed completely in 3d, starting with scanning to modelling to 3d printing and moulding — leaving little room for error.

About the Bike…

As luck would have it, we finished our prototype kit just around the time Royal Enfield Rider Mania 2019 was happening, and we managed to get selected to showcase amongst the 20 selected custom bikes. For this we decided to take our own bike up a notch and got ourselves some MotoGadget equipment like the Motoscope Pro and the cafe m.View mirrors.

The bike also gets a aftermarket headlamp with integrated indicators. We replaced the stock tail lamp with the one from the Himalayan.

To top it all off with a paint that popped and said custom rather than just another bodykit, we did a hypershift anthias paint job with some last minute striping for the show.

We decided to take 25 preorders for the kit and we got those in 10 days!

The kit is currently priced at about 200 usd plus tax and shipping! The idea is to have affordable bolt-on options to make your own affordable cafe on a great platform from Royal Enfield.