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Bajaj  | Dominar | Xplorer Kit Bajaj  | Dominar | Xplorer Kit

Autologue Design

Bajaj | Dominar | Xplorer Kit

Rs. 13,500.00

The Dominar Xplorer body-kit is the perfect bolt-on addition for your Dominar 400 to look like an adventure-ready motorcycle to match your adventure-filled lifestyle. Compatibility: All models  Inclusions: Relocation brackets laser cut from stainless steel,...
Bajaj | Domivel Kit Bajaj | Domivel Kit

Autologue Design

Bajaj | Domivel Kit

Rs. 12,500.00

Add on belly inspired from the diavel  Shrouds on the tank inspired from the Lazareth vmax and diavel Seat cowl and tail tidy
Bajaj | Avenger | Bruise | Kit Bajaj | Avenger | Bruise | Kit

Autologue Design

Bajaj | Avenger | Bruise | Kit

Rs. 9,999.00

 Inspired from the Street 750. Transform your avenger from a cruiser to a bruiser. Headlamp cover - bolt on fairing for the headlamp  Oil radiator cover- add protection and mass to the engine area...
Bajaj | NS | Xplorer Kit Bajaj | NS | Xplorer Kit

Autologue Design

Bajaj | NS | Xplorer Kit

Rs. 13,250.00

The kit includes:Visor (smoked or clear)Belly Side panels Fender  Graphics options are also available at an additional fee. If selected, it will get added to your cart value.Compatible with BS3, BS4 and BS6.