Exclusive! Metaverse Launch Of Mahindra Mojo SF By Autologue – Autologue Design
Exclusive! Metaverse Launch Of Mahindra Mojo SF By Autologue

Mahindra launched the BS6-compliant model of the 300cc Mojo motorcycle back in 2020 to offer Indian bike lovers a premium urban cruiser, but unfortunately, it doesn’t perform well in terms of sales. However, the reason was not the bike itself, but the poor marketing and sales strategy of the maker. Another reason might be the price. Despite being a homegrown automaker, Mahindra failed to provide the bike at an affordable price.

But now, to rejuvenate the enthusiasm for the bike, Pune-based leading design studio, Autologue Design, has presented the Mahindra Mojo SF body kit. With the new body kit, the Streetfighter looks jaw-dropping, as if the designer has done some extraordinary job. Interestingly, Autologue Design has released a virtual showcase on the Metaverse to make it easy for customers to purchase and check all parts of the body kit.

Mojo SF

Looking at the bike, we cannot think for a moment that this is modification work, thanks to proper finishing and clarity. Speaking of the modifications done to the bike, the designer has used a headlamp kit, tank kit, engine belly and seat cowl to enhance the overall look of the bike and make it look more premium.

The design studio has made the fuel tank more muscular, and the front fender has also been revised. Furthermore, the redesigned headlamp unit also adds to the urban cruiser stance of the bike. As far as the pricing is concerned, Autologue Design has offered the tank kit for Rs 3,999, the headlamp kit for Rs 3900, the radiator kit for Rs 5400, the belly kit for Rs 3,499 and the seat cowl for Rs 2300.

The total cost of the entire kit is Rs 19,098 while after adding the taxes, it is listed on the official website of Autologue Design for Rs 23,424. You can click here to check out more details about the Mahindra Mojo SF and you can also place the order online. At present, the Mojo SF body kit is available in five colours – Black, White, Red, Blue, and Yellow.

Mahindra Mojo SF Official Photos

Mojo SF
Mojo SF