BIKE WITH GIRL: KTM Duke ‘BWG-200’ by Autologue Design.

BIKE WITH GIRL: KTM Duke ‘BWG-200’ by Autologue Design.

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With over a million people following her motorcycle journey on the internet, there are few bigger stars in the Indian motorcycle scene than Priyanka Kochhar. Better known as BikeWithGirl, she’s one of the country’s most successful vloggers and when looking for a custom bike of her own, she knew exactly where to turn. Having always been a fan of their work, Autologue Design was where she headed, and they have two big names of their own. Founded by Mukul Nanda a superstar builder and designer and none other than Indian Cricket God, Yuvraj Singh! Together the dream team cooked up an idea to give Priyanka a sweet street scrambler, a KTM Duke called BWG200.

At Autologue they primarily focus on the production of their own parts and body kits for the most popular machines in India to customise. Royal Enfield and more recently KTM do a booming business in the country, which leaves Mukul just enough time to do a small number of full custom builds a year. “Priyanka is at the forefront of women in motorcycles in India and has been an inspiration to millions of people to start riding motorcycles. She also has closely worked with Autologue before and was just appropriate that she decided to do her first custom motorcycle build with her KTM DUKE 200 at Autologue,” he explains.

The brief was to make a scrambler style motorcycle that was loud, quirky and would stand out, just like Priyanka. Who is a huge fan of the KTM ‘CHAPPIE’ that the team built back in 2015 and some of the styling cues come from that build. With their skills at building custom body kits in hand, the little KTM was digitally scanned so that Mukul had a 3D computer image from which to work with. As there was little doubt others would want the same bits for their bike as Priyanka was rocking, keeping frame cutting to almost zero was of a high priority and only the number plate holder has been removed.

With the bike looking the goods on the screen, the files were transferred over to a 3D printer that created a set of moulds. The detailed process continues with each part then made out of fibre reinforced plastic (FRP). The genius of the method means the parts are an exact fit for the bike with the stock mounting points used, the parts can be made again as many times as you like from the moulds and alternative materials can be used to create the final product. On BWG200 the front cowl is plastic, while the tank, tail section and a host of other parts are FRP.

The badging itself on the tank was directly 3D printed, so to the cool BWG200 logo, a time saver compared to the full week that the main body of the tank took to mould. To add a little flair an analogue nautical compass has been moulded in, a change in pace from the otherwise very digital two-wheeled creation. One thing Priyanka had requested specifically was the colour, and laid down over the high spec parts is a Rosso Corsa red for a taste of Italy on the brilliant bike. This is further set off by the custom seat, that is raised higher than the standard unit and finished out in a luxury themed brown and black.

Continuing the scrambler look, the team added a set of custom fenders, that slim down the appearance compared to stock. While also forming a set of one-off carbon fibre radiator guards and a speedo surround also made from the high-end material. But more than a sum of its parts, this bike is about having fun and to match the raised seat, the handlebars now sit in a set of higher risers for an upright, almost MX style riding position. Just in case things do get crazy in the dirt a sprocket guard and bash plate have been added, a nice piece of insurance on India’s roads.

Being a Vlogger, Priyanka covers plenty of miles and the practical aspects of the bike have been given an overhaul too. A set of Motogadget’s m.view mirrors are mounted on the bars and being glassless means they won’t shatter no matter how crazy things get. The LED headlight gets the same treatment, grilled out for added protection and the new taillight includes a replacement number plate bracket. The stock rubber was also upgraded for a tread pattern that was more befitting of a true Scrambler and the plastic rear wheel cover with custom logos continues the bikes loud and proud design.

Speaking of which, that single cylinder KTM engine is an absolute belter, but they suffocate it from the factory. All of which is well corrected thanks to a custom exhaust that screams out the side of the bike from a GP style muffler. On the first ride with Mukul following close behind on his own custom, they agreed that a small heat shield would be added at a later date. But that would have to wait as Priyanka had the rear tyre spinning, belching out smoke as she left the shop in a hell of a hurry on her little red rocket. With a huge population, a wonderful sense of adventure and ingenuity and people like the team at Autologue Design leading the charge, India’s bike scene is in good hands.