Bajaj has tied-up with Autologue Design to provide accessories for the 2019 Dominar 400

Bajaj has tied-up with Autologue Design to provide accessories for the 2019 Dominar 400

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Bajaj’s flagship motorcycle, the Dominar 400 had received a recent update that included USD front forks, bumped up engine performance and other changes. The Dominar 400 is offered in Aurora Green and black dual colour schemes. It is powered by the same 373.3cc single-cylinder, liquid cooled engine that now produces 40 PS at 8650 RPM and 35 Nm of torque at 7000 RPM. Now, the 2019 Bajaj Dominar 400 has got a long list of accessories on offer with it.

The accessories will be manufactured by Autologue Design and Bajaj will conduct a thorough quality check of the parts, before they hit the showrooms. Prices for the accessories start from Rs. 930/- and go all the way up to Rs. 3470/-.

Tank Grip
The tank grips are priced at Rs. 930/- and are rubberised for maximum grip. Your thighs would stick better to the tank while riding the bike with these rubberised tank grips and they also prevent scratches to the side of the tank from the use of safety gears. These tank grips can be installed by peeling off the outer film of the double-sided tape and then sticking it to the clean side of the tank.

Bash Plate
The bash plate is priced at Rs. 3100/- and protects the engine area from gravel that may otherwise fly off and damage the engine parts. It is made from a 3 mm mild-steel plate and comes with all the nuts and brackets required to keep it in place.

Back Rest
The backrest is priced at Rs. 1930/- and is suitable for the pillion for those long tours that you are planning to go on with the new Dominar 400. It can be fitted with the Autologue luggage system as well and is made out of 18 mm mild-steel pipe and a foam back cushion.

Taller Visor
The taller visor is priced at Rs. 2480/- and provides better wind protection for the rider and prevents buffeting. It can be installed by removing the stock visor and bolts. It is made from 3 mm cast acrylic and measures 17.5-inches long. It can be had with a smoked and clear look too.

Saddle Stay
The saddle stay is priced at Rs. 3470/- and is used to keep saddlebags and panniers in place, without touching the body of the bike. It is made up of 18 mm gauge mild-steel is CNC machine bent and CAE tested to bear up to 120 kg dynamic load.

Top Rack
The top rack is priced at Rs. 2950/- and is used to attach your top box and plate for long journeys. It is made of a 3 mm stainless-steel plate and 18 mm gauge stainless-steel pipes. It is also CAE tested and can be installed by unscrewing the rear grab rails and replacing it with the Autologue luggage rack.

2019 Bajaj Dominar 400 Touring Accessories

  • The 2019 Bajaj Dominar 400 gets 6 accessories sourced from Autologue Design
  • The bike is now getting a taller visor for reduced windblast at high speeds
  • Prices start from Rs. 930/- for the touring accessories